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Book Your International Flights From Different CountriesPeople often don’t realize just how much cheaper it is to book international flights at discounts in another country. There are certain methods to do this and save you tons of money.Now supposed you have a relative in Switzerland and you live in the US or you’re planning on a much needed vacation. Try purchasing a one way ticket to Switzerland and then purchase a one way ticket back to US there. That’s a few hundred dollar savings immediately.Book International Connecting Flights Outside CountryYou can use the same concept of booking those international connecting flights in one of the countries you’re visiting.Use your online flight booking skills in a case where you are visiting more than one country. Let’s say France and Italy for example. Purchase a one way to France and when you get to France purchase another ticket to your destination in the same manner. You’ll saving yourself over %50 if you would have booked it in the USBook Your International Flight During Off SeasonSounds simple enough but people still do quite the opposite. This can result in as much as a %40 or higher price in ticket sales.Do research on the cheapest seasons to book international flights. I often find winter to be one of the best but make sure you check the country you’re traveling to see what season they are in too.To travel international flights make it easy for yourself. Don’t be afraid to book your travel in the country you’re traveling to. If you want true discount international travel these are some of the best ways to do it.So just remember in closing in order to have the cheapest flights and tickets remember to: Book your international travel in other countries. Purchase one way tickets for connecting flights outside the country. Know when the off season is to book so you can get true discount international airfare.